Mission & Values

A Letter from OPT- In Laboratory Owners

When it comes to restorative solutions, patients look to their dentist for the most cost effective, the fastest, and the highest quality esthetic dentistry. Sometimes we need only satisfy one demand, while at other times, a patient might expect a solution meeting every possible criteria, including managing their dental benefits.

OPT-In laboratory members take time to intimately understand the challenges clinicians face to help lessen their impact. Through a Shared Responsibility, we’ll discover the specific needs of each individual practice. Additionally, using the latest technology and materials, we’ll meet the different needs of each patient, whether it means the lowest cost restoration, or multi-layered ceramics with internal staining.

With the OPT-In Cooperative buying power and access, we guarantee each process will provide the best result possible, when promised, as promised. Further, we work hand-in-hand with clinicians to modify our technical approaches to better serve their preferences.

Working with a small laboratory eliminates being lost in the crowd or handed off to untrained customer service staff or technical assistants. The owner is always available to you. Each case, from receiving new cases in the laboratory, to their final Quality Control, includes a responsible owner to make certain the quality you expect and patients deserve, has been met or exceeded.

Today, there are more pressures on dentists than ever before. As your dental laboratory resource, we look forward to helping.

Experience the difference in your next case.


The OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative was formed to help small laboratory owners partner with dentists in new ways. By simply sharing and organizing around a common purpose dentists and laboratory owners will help each other grow their businesses, lower their expenses, and make life easier.


  • Promotes a doctor specific patient-centered approach that differentiates our members, we refer to as, Shared Relationship
  • Helps small dental laboratory owners and independent dentists lower costs and increase sales
  • Nationally brands and markets a powerful cooperative of small dental laboratories and the independent dentists they serve


We believe the Hippocratic Oath applies to every aspect of the dental industry, including the relationships between dentist, patient and dental laboratory:

“I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients.”

It is with this same moral commitment we will work on behalf of the members of the OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative.