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Making your Practice an Easy Choice for Consumers

Insurance companies have commoditized dentistry by forcing beneficiaries to select from a list of undifferentiated dentists. Consumer research shows that when “quality” is perceived equal consumers look for best “Value,” which is determined by a combination of location, best price, and/or brand.

Through education and effective marketing, we will decommoditize dentists. Consumers will make properly informed “Choices” and be referred to OPT-In Dental Advantage Member Dentists.

By joining with other members of OPT-In Dental Advantage, your practice will have impact public relations, broad-based internet marketing, and social media exposure to educate consumers about why they should “Choose” your practice.

How it Works…Two Ways, and More

First, Public Relations experts will create consumer awareness and loyalty. Then, Internet Marketing experts will use SEO to expose your practice to search engines, creating increased visibility for consumers in your area.

Second, Consumers drawn to the OPT-In Dental Advantage website through public relations and internet marketing will be able to choose your practice by entering their location and desired services.

More! To make first appointments easier, our website educates consumers about the proper doctor-patient relationship, and, the limitations and “gotchas” of dental insurance. New patients will have a greater appreciation for the caring services you offer.

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