Answers to FAQ’s

Below, are responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Membership is on a monthly basis

  • No long-term commitments, only monthly

  • Payment is auto-bill to credit card

  • You retain your practice name and independence

  • We intend to refer patients to your practice

  • Membership is open to general and specialist dentists

  • Only private practices may join

  • Membership growth will increase our marketing and discounted products and services

  • You’re only asked to provide great patient experiences, nothing more

  • Free second opinion are for new patients that ask for them, and are only a report of what is wrong and needs to be done

  • The first 100 members will be locked in at $99 per month dues

  • The business webinars are to help improve patient experiences

  • We encourage you to use OPT-In Member Labs that support OPT-In member Dentists, but there is no requirement to so

  • Some manufacturers support private practice, some don’t. We encourage you to work with those supporting you

  • The monthly dues are low to eliminate barriers to participation. This is about providing private with practitioners a voice. The more that join, the louder the voice, the more consumers will be aware of the value offered by traditional private practices.

  • We have chosen not to be a non profit because non profits are not as effective in educating consumers as customers as they are in building associations. Associations are built around those with a common interest. Companies are built around those with a common purpose.

  • The company is entirely self-funded. There are no outside investors or management.
  • All doctor ratings submitted by patients are reviewed prior to posting. Negative reviews are not posted unless the patient consents to an interview, allows us to speak with the doctor, and findings indicate a doctor-caused adverse patient experience that the doctor refuses to rectify. We understand patients often cause adverse experiences. Negative reviews at the fault of the patient, or when a patient refuses a good faith resolution, will not be posted.

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