Advantages of Membership

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OPT-In Dental Advantage gives private practitioners an opportunity to join with peers to level the competitive environment.

Be noticed by Consumers. Every dental entity is represented by their own organization, except private practitioners. Through OPT-In Dental Advantage, you and other Private Practitioners will be organized and represented as a nationally recognized brand.

Membership makes life easier. While your providing great patient experiences, OPT-In Dental Advantage does all the work. Our experts provide branding, public relations, internet marketing, social media management, and blogging to help your practice grow. At $99-129 per month, your cost is a fraction of what it would be normally. Besides freeing up your time, there is the added bonus of 10 free monthly webinars by Dr. David Hornbrook or Peter Pizzi, MDT, and, discounted products and services that could reduce the cost of membership to almost nothing.


As a Charter Member your dues will always be at the

lowest current rate

Today, only $99 per month.

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Included in your dues is expert public relations and marketing performed on your behalf and the OPT-In Dental Advantage Website. Plus, you have the option for your own local public relations and marketing kit at an additional cost savings.

We’re All Working Harder for You

Is a leading healthcare public relations and branding firm that was given top honors in 2011 by the healthcare public relations association

Is one of the fastest growing internet marketing companies in the nation, providing all our internet, social media, and blogging needs

With over 175 attorneys, with 9 offices in four states, and esteemed clients such as Exon Mobil, Associated Press, Lockheed-Martin, Wells Fargo Bank, and various hospitals and medical groups, Archer Greiner healthcare and litigation specialists bring high-powered expertise that would impractical for individual practitioners.

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