Little Known Facts

It’s not your Imagination

Many dentists tell us is they’re facing reduced patient flow, lower profits, and an uneasy future. But, they can’t identify all the reasons:

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Market Shifts

• DMSO offices have as much as $20 BILLION market share

• DMSO offices buy products and lab services at lower costs

• Downward trend in number of consumers with dental insurance

• Downward trend in number of patient visits

• Downward trend in billings per patient visit

• Downward trend in dentist net income

• Downward trend in private practices

• Increase in number of dentists

• Upward trend in clinical cost of care

The above explains trends in patients, showing the number of patients seeking dental care is slowly dwindling.

The below illustrates the growth of Corporate Practices. Source: Guay A H et al. J Dent Educ 2012;76:1036-1044

The trend is for Corporate Dentistry to continue growing and eroding private practice

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