OPT-In Partners have been selected very specifically. Each shares in our values and concerns for patients, and are known for their excellent products, customer service and dedication to education.

Partners are not only are providing OPT-In members with favorable pricing but have also made contributions to our success by contributing to our members’ marketing fund.

We encourage you to show your loyalty in return, and when speaking with them, please join me in letting them know how much we appreciate their support.

QDP Quality Dental Plan

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“Until QDP, patients and their dentists had two alternatives for dental benefits: traditional insurance products with all the grief they bring, or, none. QDP changes that! By placing dentists and their patients in control, QDP eliminates the headaches and derision caused by insurance companies while keeping dental care affordable and productive. The OPT-In Dental Advantage partnership with QDP is one of our most important. By supporting doctor-patient relationships, QDP brings care decisions back into the dental office, where they belong.” DM

Quality Dental Plan (QDP) is an in-office dental plan that you control and your patients can afford. To help you even further, we’ve partnered with Opt-In Dental Advantage in their effort to promote independent private practices, and, to highlight the importance of the doctor-patient relationship over the patient-insurance relationship. With several hundred private practices already experiencing the benefits of QDP, we have the experience to make practice growth easier. From implementation to team training to marketing to new patients, we cover all bases to ensure your success. To learn more about how QDP can work for you, visit: 

Premier Dental


Premier Dental, Plymouth Meeting, PA, founded in 1913 by instrument maker, Julius Charlestein, is one of the largest and oldest family run dental products company in the industry. With distribution in over 75 countries, Premier’s secret to success is their trustworthiness, a not so secret family trait many dentists have come to appreciate. With many favored products, like the highly acclaimed Two Striper brand diamond burs, and the hemostatic retraction paste, Traxodent, Premier is a company that has proven many times over, dentists can certainly counted on.

Heraeus Kulzer


It’s not often that private practitioners are afforded a manufacturing relationship to benefit their bottom line with special pricing. That’s what makes Heraeus Kulzer a special partner for OPT-In. As the a leading scrap refiner in dentistry, they are the only “end” refiner in the entire industry. That means that after scrap is melted and assayed, others still have to sell it to an actual refiner. As the worlds largest privately owned complete end-to-end refiner, Heraeus Kulzer is able to reimburse dentists the actual and full value of their scrap metal. But that’s just the beginning, because Heraeus Kulzer makes highly acclaimed denture teeth, and a large array of clinical products that have helped patients, worldwide.



There was a time when dentists and patients could focus on care. Today, both share discussions about dental benefits, and making sure patients receive what they’ve paid for, and dentists receiving the reimbursements they deserve. Of course, dental benefits companies are not making it always easy for either. That’s where Apex comes in. With over 30 years of combined experience, the APEX team negotiates with dental benefits companies to make sure dentist clients have every opportunity to increase reimbursements. Offering a win-win approach to growing revenues by increasing reimbursements as much as a reported 50%, APEX brings a welcomed relief to OPT-In Dental Advantage members.


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It’s not often we are able to count amongst our resources an originator, such as Sterngold. When it comes to precision and semi precision attachments, Sterngold is one of dentistry’s foremost companies. As the inventors of the infamous, ERA attachment, and a leading supplier of the Hader bar, Sterngold has provided high quality products and services for dentists and their patients for decades. And with their new expanded line of implants, Sterngold has become a very important partner for us all

Cincinnatti Investment Company


We are very fortunate to be working with a lender that is willing to provide specialized equipment financing for private practitioners. Working directly with their Sr. VP, Kevin Guilfoyl, members are able to quickly finance purchases through traditional 5 year loans or leases, have graduated payments that begin low, or arrange interest only payments for the first few months. Your loan will be processed in just a few days and will come with some of the most favorable rates we’ve seen.

With CFC, there is every reason to bring in new technology to keep your practice current and cutting edge.


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“It took a long time to find the right insurance connection, one that would provide the kind of service, products, and pricing that would best fit private practitioners. Now our members have a source for just about every kind of insurance needed, including both business and healthcare. Aon is the world’s largest broker of business protective and liabilitiy insurance, with great product variety for healthcare. In fact, they have healthcare coverage that is completely customizable, a feature that OPT-In members will find not just unique, but far easier on their wallets. This is a great company to do business with, and one we are proud to call a Partner.” DM

At Affinity Commercial Services, we specialize in comprehensive business insurance for professional firms in the dental industry. We believe that all businesses, regardless of size, deserve individualized treatment and we know that business owners appreciate quick, hassle-free service delivered at a competitive price.  In fact, providing individualized attention to small and mid-size businesses is our only business. We are designed to do just that with a wide array of options and solutions that include malpractice and the below:

➲ Businessowner’s Policy

➲ Commercial Automobile

➲ Workers Compensation

➲ Excess Umbrella Liability

➲ Specialty Products, as needed

As trusted advisors, our trained and licensed business insurance specialists take a  consultative approach to identify potential exposures while counseling on all your business insurance needs. We are readily available and happy to work with customers via phone, fax, or e-mail.