Choose a Laboratory: Our Specialities

OPT-In makes finding the right dental laboratory easy. Our member laboratories are grouped by specialty because every practice has different needs. Now, with one phone call or email, we will connect you with the dental laboratory owner that has the skills you need at the budget you require. Need a laboratory that specializes in complex FMR, implant, or prosthetic cases and occlusion? No problem. Have an important esthetic challenge requiring multiple porcelain layers and internal staining, anatomy, and texture. We have some of the best. But, we also have laboratories that work closely with doctors needing simple solutions for insurance patients. Just let us know your criteria, and we will provide a perfect match with an owner-technician that is dedicated to providing what you need and helping your practice grow.

Crafting Excellence, Partners in Growth

OPT-In Esthetics

Members in this category have exhibited the ability to provide complex esthetic corrections with proper contour, emergence profile and anterior guidance, while paying particular attention to subtleties, such as facial anatomy and texture. Moreover, each member is able to utilize multiple bakes of porcelain with internal staining to capture the most discerning esthetics possible. Within this group, doctors will find MDT’s, AACD certified, and national lecturers.Left, GC Initial Porcelain.

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OPT-In General Practice

This is the perfect grouping for most dental practices. OPT-In laboratory owners begin with understanding your practice and your interests. For General Practice, they understand that rigid guidelines are old school …every practice and every patient have unique needs, often changing needs. Laboratory owners specializing in general practice restorations are very sensitive to matching your material choices and budgets. This is group of OPT-In laboratories will provide the quality you expect at the value need, offering a full range products and technology.



OPT-In Implants

When you have large or complex implant cases, you will want to work with experts. These OPT-In dental laboratories have the experience you need to count on. To qualify for this specialty, laboratory owners will have completed full mouth implant cases involving bars, fixed, fixed-removable, multiple abutments and attachments, and corrective abutments, such as angled abutments. In addition, they will be fully familiar with custom milled titanium and zirconia abutments, as well as screw retained UCLA type abutments. Additionally, OPT-In Implant Specialty laboratories will provide you with written guidance for each step in the restorative process. Our goal is to make complex cases easier to complete the first time.

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OPT-In Prosthetics and Full Mouth Reconstruction

This specialty group is the one every practice needs, and often is frustrated by the process. OPT-In laboratories in this category have proven highest level standards and understanding for removable Prosthetics and removable or fixed full mouth reconstruction and occlusion. Their processing techniques provide the densest and strongest resin bodies, with an array of teeth to fit every patient’s needs. Our Full Mouth Reconstruction experts are schooled in a variety of occlusions, including CR/Dawson, Kois, and Neuromuscular. Left, metal reinforcement and cross bite to accommodate ridge discrepancy.



OPT-In Orthodontics

OPT-In has several full-service laboratory members across the country. Rare to find, however, is full service that also includes orthodontics. Today, many general practitioners are performing short term and minor orthodontics. Regardless of your practice needs, we have orthodontic laboratory services that cover the full gambit or orthodontic solutions. Moreover, these services are uniquely available under the same roof as crown & bridge, implants, and prosthetics, making complex and multidisciplinary treatment planning far easier.



OPT-In Insurance

  • Clinicians often believe that small dental labs can’t provide cost effective solutions for patients with lower budgets, such as restrictive insurance reimbursements. OPT-In national network of small laboratories can meet every need, including low cost restorations.  We have members that specialize in helping private practitioners lower their overhead by providing competitively priced products, with a relationship that only a small dental laboratory owner can provide. That means, improved profitability and support  that only a small lab owner can provide. Tell us what you need and when you need it. No surprises, no excuses.