Why OPT-In

There are a lot of misconceptions about dental laboratories. The truth is, dental laboratories are as varied as dentists. In fact, in large laboratories, all-ceramic restorations fabricated using the same technology will often vary with respect to fit, finish, occlusion, and contacts. This happens because, at some point, regardless of the fabrication method or material, each restoration is subject to the handling of different technicians and different QC processes.

Advantage to the Doctor

OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative was founded to ensure dentists receive restorations that consistently meet their specifications for fit, form, and function at fees required for their individual practices. Each dentist-OPT-In relationship begins with a meeting between the dentist and the laboratory owner to make sure the doctor’s practice profile and clinical criteria are fully understood and captured. The result is a true partnership between the OPT-In laboratory owner and the dentist, where both Share the Responsibility for working solely on behalf of patients. Through this relationship, the OPT-In laboratory owner fills a partnership role that is supportive of your practice and your success.

Common Misconceptions

  • Large labs are less expensive: NOT TRUE! Large labs buy in bulk to reduce their costs which can help them reduce their fees. OPT-In dental laboratories operate as a cooperative. As such, we also buy in bulk. That allows OPT-In laboratory owners, unlike others, to be equally competitive with their fees.
  • Large labs offer more services: NOT TRUE! In some cases, large labs have departments that cover all the needs of the dental practice. OPT-In laboratories, offering all services, are networked, and as a group, function as a large full-service laboratory. Your patients will always receive high quality restorations that meet your criteria and budget, and you will always have the ability to work directly with the laboratory owner.
  • Large labs are faster: NOT TRUE! OPT-In owners have a stake in your success. Not only are they willing to meet your every need, they will work into the night and on weekends to make sure your cases are ready when you need them, the way you need them. That’s the power of having an OPT-In laboratory relationship.
  • Large labs are more knowledgeable: NOT TRUE! Large labs are operated by knowledgeable owners that often never touch a case. Instead, they rely on skilled department managers to oversee the work of others who rarely communicate with dentists. However, a department manager in a large lab might process in excess of 100 cases per day, making case management and quality control a daunting task. With OPT-In, your relationship is with a laboratory owner that is an expert in dental technology, knows your name and preferences, and is directly responsible for receiving, handling, and quality control of your cases. Unlike large labs, you know exactly who to speak with when you need something special or have questions.
  • Large labs have better quality: NOT TRUE! It is entirely possible to receive well made restorations from large dental laboratories. However, because of their size, consistency is sometimes a challenge, and when you have complaints or instructions to pass on, you will speak to an intermediary that is often, not a technician. With your OPT-In dental laboratory, consistency is assured, and you will always be able to speak directly with the owner. Moreover, from the very beginning, there is no guessing about your expectations, since the laboratory owner has explored and verified every aspect of your preferences is satisfied in each case before it leaves their laboratory.

Every laboratory, regardless of size, wants to please their customers. For clinicians, however, it is about performance, how many hoops they have to jump through (and how often) in order to get what is needed. OPT-In dental laboratories provide every advantage of larger labs with respect to cost and products, but make it easier. That’s why, when it comes to communication, solving problems, and consistency, an OPT-In dental laboratory is the best choice. The advantage of working directly with an owner that has a personal stake in a doctor’s success can’t be overstated. It makes life as a dentist that much easier.

Contact us today and experience the difference a true partnership can make.