Together, we can change the rules of the game

“It is easier to conquer the divided than to divide and conquer.”


Small dental laboratories comprise about 95% of the 10,000 dental laboratories nation-wide. Yet, as small business owners, they often remain disconnected and sidelined by the strength of larger competitors and the difficulty of breaking away from the bench. We believe that by joining with others who share the same concerns and challenges you will find the camaraderie and support necessary to make professional life more fun, rewarding and successful.

Now is the time for small laboratory owners to join together and reestablish the advantages they bring to dentists who work with them.

When asked: “Would you rather work for change, or just worry about it?”

81% of respondents replied,

“Do I have to pick? This is hard!”


A national network of small independent dental laboratories operating as one giant laboratory.

As an OPT-In Dental Laboratory, you will be nationally branded as a laboratory dedicated to serving private practitioners and their patients. You will become more competitive and more profitable by purchasing deeply discounted supplies and technology, just like the large lab groups. OPT-In Cooperative’s in-sourcing will help you partner with other OPT-In members to provide your customers with products and services at pricing you could not otherwise deliver.

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  • About Us: Includes a Letter from the Founder, Leadership biographies, and Mission & Values
  • Why OPT-In: Provides Benefits and FAQ’s
  • Partners: Lists our Corporate Partners that offer discounts in support of OPT-In members
  • Sales & Marketing: Explains our Branding, Marketing, and Sales philosophies, and how members are helped and supported in their development, growth, and success. Marketing section shows and details our full color marketing materials. Sales section explains our approach to sales.
  • Membership: The pathway to the many benefits created for owners of small dental laboratories
  • Testimonials: Feature unsolicited comments of OPT-In members
  • Resources: Lists non member and member only assets that have been developed to further the goals and successes of members
  • News: Includes announcements about new alliances, business developments, meetings, and accomplishments


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