Dean Mersky, DDS

Dr. Mersky has been a business consultant in the dental industry for the past two years, offering workshops and guidance in the development of leadership, management, customer service and communication skills. He also spent nearly a year as the implant coordinator for a large regional dental lab. Dr. Mersky became well known in the dental industry while serving as the Captek Company’s Clinical Director for the eight years prior to the company’s sale in 2010. The company, known for excellent service and technical support, but without a sales force, grew by double digits each year. They relied on the national presence and trust created through Dr. Mersky’s daily online social media presence, numerous published articles and his up to 40 annual lectures conducted nationally.

After 26 years of private dental practice in California, and prior to his role with the Captek Company, Dr. Mersky formed TimeValueMoney, LLC. Through TVM, he architected and developed a database that integrated provider practice software with banks and insurance companies. Referred to as forward funding, the database automated the movement of information and money between the parties, automated patient balance billing and using a unique credit line, maintained level cash flow for the provider. It was during the development of TVM that Dr. Mersky and Mr. Pedden were introduced and collaborated on data cards, securitization products and an entirely electronic healthcare system.

Dr. Mersky, through his vast contacts and personal brand in the dental industry, will take an active role in the marketing of all company products and services in building network value for OPT-In members.

Dr. Mersky graduated with a B.S. degree from UCLA’s School of Public Health in 1973, and from the University of Detroit, School of Dentistry in 1976. Dr. Mersky is a member of several dental communities, the Northeast Gnathological Society and the American Society for Dental Aesthetics.

Raymond A. Pedden

Beginning in 2001, Mr. Pedden, Chief Executive Officer for Heuristic Technologies, Inc., has been responsible for the design and implementation of transaction processing technologies in healthcare. He has also served as the Executive Vice President of Health EConnex, Inc., providing healthcare infrastructure, and the Chief Technology Officer for Imperial Technology Solutions, a division of the Imperial Bank. Prior to Imperial Bank, Mr. Pedden served as Senior Associate Director and Director of Business Operations at the Stanford University Clinic, Chief Operating Officer for Health Care Alternatives, Inc., Assistant Dean for Fiscal Affairs at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Executive Director, UCSD Medical Group. Mr. Pedden has served on the faculties of The University of North Dakota and the University of California, San Diego.

Mr. Pedden’s professional achievements include winning the Modern Healthcare Innovation Award for the Memorial Care project in 1998 and Laureate status in 2002 for Computerworld Heroes in Healthcare for his case study on the e-health environment. He received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering and Management from the United States Air Force Academy and his Masters of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of North Dakota.