Mission & Values


Small dental laboratory owners, working together to form a coordintated national network of independent dental laboratories operating with all the benefits and offerings of one large laboratory.


The OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative was formed to help small laboratory owners power forward in unthinkable ways. By simply sharing and organizing around a common purpose, laboratory owners will grow their businesses and lower their expenses.



  • Promotes a patient-centered approach that differentiates our members
  • Helps small dental laboratory owners lower costs and increase sales
  • Nationally brands and markets a powerful cooperative of small, independing dental laboratories


We believe the Hippocratic Oath applies to each aspect of our industry, including relationships between dentist, patient and dental laboratory:

“I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients.”

And, we present an opportunity for shared relationships with dentists, whereby OPT-In Member Labs encourage a collaborative approach to patients care as the best means to keep treatment quality at its highest levels, and dispense with needless blame and excuses.

It is with this same moral commitment we will work on behalf of the members of the OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative.