Dental Wings offers new OPT-In Members Free Dues for One Year with Dental Wings Purchase!

“I had the pleasure of spending all day Tuesday with Vince Munzo of Dental Wings. He made a special trip to Salt Lake City to train me on my new scanner. I can’t express how helpful this was. We were able to design several cases together and I was able to ask questions as we went along allowing me to grasp many of the nuances of the program.

I have never experienced this level of support as a small laboratory owner. It was a joy and has taken much of the stress of getting new equipment and technology in the lab. 

I want everyone to know that if you are thinking about getting a scanner and haven’t because you dread the pain it takes to learn something new, I am here to assure you that it will be less painful than you would expect due to the commitment  Dental Wings has shown for our success.  

I just want to take a moment and thank Vince, Dental Wings and Dean for making this possible.”


Michele Lortsher

Charter Member, OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative

Colourtec Inc. (Dental Lab)


11/15/2012: Bego USA and OPT-In Form Strategic Alliance

Bego USA, a subsidiary of Bego in Germany, an internationally respected manufacturer of dental materials & implants, has formed an alliance with OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative to provide members with laser sintered metal copings and partial denture frameworks. OPT-In Management identified Bego as one of the most top tier providers of sintered metal services and is working with Bego leadership to more fully develop the scanning capabilities of small dental laboratories. Additionally, Bego’s dedication to education is felt to be a key component as the two organizations explore ways to provide additional value for dental laboratories and their customers.

Laser sintered copings are the least expensive way to improve productivity while reducing costs. The alliance with Bego USA is viewed as one more opportunity for OPT-In members to become more price and time competitive with their larger competitors while holding a competitive advantage over others.

11/16/2012: AON, plc, and OPT-In Reach Initial Agreement for Affinity Insurance Products

We have reached an initial agreement with AON plc, for business, liability, medical, and personal related insurance products. There will be a formal announcement after all details have been finalized.


OPT-In members webinar, hosted by Core 3D to present 3 Shape scanner systems with special offer for OPT-In members, and, Bright Squid to present HIPAA compliant internet connectivity and message sharing portal for doctors, labs, and services centers.


OPT-In Management meets with Dentistry Today to discuss national marketing campaign, reaching up to 80,000 dentists, monthly. Beginning with an email blast offering monthly clinical updates and member-lab information, OPT-In will be featuring members as a fresh alternative to traditional the dental laboratory selection process. Discussions also include print media.


Dr. Dean Mersky, founder of OPT-In Dental Laboratory Coorperative, to join Lou Azzara, BEGO USA EVP, in supporting BEGO at Lab Day East, NY, NY.


OPT-In members to receive webinar hosted by DAL Technologies on the Medit/exocad scanner combination, with special offer for OPT-In members.


OPT-In members to receive webinar hosted by SoundTrack laboratory software owner, Jeff Noles, an OPT-In partner offering special benefits for OPT-In member. Several members already using SoundTrack are high supportive.


OPT-In members to receive webinar hosted by Myerson, LLC regarding their removable products and systems.


OPT-In members to receive webinar hosted by Dental Wings, offering a live demo of Dental Wings Series 3 Scanner, and to discuss soon to be released, impression scanner. Special offer for OPT-In members in the discussion.


OPT-In members attend Dental Wings scanner training at BEGO facilities in Lincoln, RI. 6 OPT-In members that purchased Dental Wings scanners were hosted by Dental Wings and BEGO for training over a two-day period. Using their own scanners that had been shipped for the event, members were able to scan, design, and send STL files directly to the BEGO production center for immediate BruxZir milling and SLM coping and bridge frame fabrication. Members celebrated Friday evening with a dinner cruise around Boston Harbor, compliments of Dental Wings, and returned for further training and to receive the BEGO restorations on Saturday.


Master ceramist and world renown lecturer, Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, FNGS, presented a webinar for OPT-In members explaining the many aspects of laboratory and clinical photography, including the variations of how color photography is influenced during restorative processes. The hour-long presentation was recorded for future access by members.


Members were provided a Communication Workshop that was capped with a Chinese Seafood dinner in Philadelphia’s Chinatown section. Members along the Eastern seaboard gathered in Philadelphia to gain deeper understanding of how every customer touch point communicates brand value, how to improve their brand’s perception, and, how to build stronger more meaningful dialogue with doctors.


Dr. David Hornbrook provided an excellent webinar for members, covering the clinical aspects of veneer planning, preparation, and cementation. Geared for the technician that wants to be a resource for clinicians, Dr. Hornbrook dedicated time to explaining the differences between the variety of adhesives and the clinical implications of their use. Additionally, attendees were provided with favored Dr. Hornbrook’s favored products, how he uses them, and why he likes them over competing products.


OPT-In Charter member, Mike Dominguez , CDT/TE (Kymata Dental Arts), will host Implant Dentistry: A Team Approach, 9 a.m. until noon, Pacific. This will be a live feed webinar.

The event will be a live streaming webinar hosted at the Seattle Central Library Microsoft Auditorium, and include everyday implant situations from the perspectives of Prosthodontist and Certified Dental Technician. Presenting together live and live-streamed to different locations, the pair will discuss common complications and solutions for both screw-retained and cementable restorations, as well as, materials, products, and team communication in case planning.

The event is being supported by additional members of OPT-in Dental Laboratory Cooperative who will host live video feeds at their locations throughout the nation. They include, Youngs Dental Lab (Philadlephia, PA), 4 Points Dental (St. Petersburg, FL), Quality Dental (Virginia Beach, VA), King Dental Arts (Bristol, TN), and… Clinicians and technicians will be able to participate in the presentation live through a proctor and live-chat.

To learn more and purchase tickets


12/1/2012 through 12/4/2013

OPT-In will have a booth in the Collaboration section of the Greater New York Dental Meeting. The booth will be #431. Several of our members will be present, as will our corporate partners. Please be sure to visit us.


Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, FNGS, will provide members with a webinar focusing on occlusion, Occlusion 101.

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