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Changes Abound

The world sure has Changed, and not always for the better. Below are some of the changes.

  • Large Corporate Dental Chains (DMSOs) reportedly treated 22 MILLION patients in 2013
  • 22 MILLION patients generated an estimated $15-20 BILLION in revenue (15-20% of the market)
  • 22 MILLION patients yielded approximate 8 MILLION crowns, most shipped offshore
  • Many DMSOs own dental labs servicing private practices, or, incorporate in-office milling
  • Private practice services have been declining since 2013, while DMSOs have increased
  • The number of private practices has been declining since 1991, now, approximately, 80%
  • Many private practitioners are unable to privately sell their practices and are selling to DMSOs


$800 MILLION +, Lab Fees were Lost by Domestic Labs, 2013

DMSOs have their own organization and overarching strategy that includes joint projects with others. One project, the development of mid level providers to replace dentists, has an obvious disruptive potential. The alliance, organizations representing DMSOs, Dental Schools, government funded Community Health Centers, Insurance Companies, and the Dental Hygiene Association intends to develop national acceptance of mid level provider programs. In contrast, private practitioners have had no representative organization, leaving them and dental laboratories with few options.

With a vested interest in the health of private practice, as goes private practice, so goes the domestic dental laboratory industry. Impacting both, the insurance industry continues to depress fees to keep premiums low and sales high. Unfortunately,  dental benefits sales have also been sliding, forcing more fee pressures upon dentists and labs. While there are always exceptions to this, clinical and laboratory fees are often at levels not seen since 1998.

If we don’t direct changes, changes will direct us.

Why OPT-In Dental Advantage: We Refer Patients to your Customers

While it is true that some dentists and dental labs are doing fine, continuing trends will place the majority of laboratories and dentists at risk, indiscriminately. OPT-In Dental Advantage provides private practitioners and dental laboratory owners with a national organization and website speaking directly to consumers about the advantages offered by traditional doctor-patient relationships in private practice settings. Additionally, and in no small measure, consumers are made aware of the services provided by domestic dental laboratories, and their importance to patient health and satisfaction. Learn more about Trends and Membership in the pages that follow.

Laboratory Owners and Private Practitioners Work Together for the Future

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