Below we try to answer questions that might arise outside the content of other pages. Please contact us with any questions that remain unanswered.

  • What’s the difference between membership OPT-In Dental Advantage and in OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative?

The OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative is a separate entity, comprised of independently owned laboratories of 20 technicians or fewer. They have all the benefits of and are included in the membership of OPT-In Dental Advantage, plus, marketing to dentists through monthly national emailed Clinical Updates Newsletters, and national print ad campaigns. They also have a private internet forum, and receive ongoing business training, as desired. Membership benefits in OPT-In Dental Advantage includes the same group purchasing and webinar privileges, plus lab name and website recognition in our two websites. Ten nonthly CE webinars for doctors and technicians are presented annually by our co-directors of education, Peter Pizzi and Dr. David Hornbrook for both memberships.

  • Why do I need to have a business license?

An area for improvement is the legitimizing of the dental laboratory industry as the true profession it is. We want to see laboratory owners and technicians receive full respect for their knowledge and talent, and be able to assure patients that their laboratory partner is a serious contributor to their care.

  • Why are their different dues levels?

We believe in inclusion, and, each of us contributing at the level to which the industry has benefited us. We believe that is the fairest approach possible, for all lab sizes.

  • Is membership mainly for high fee labs and dentists?

Not at all. Because the majority of clinical fees have pressured the majority of lab fees it is very important to have every level and type of lab represented. Besides, this is about supporting laboratory customers and our collective future in patient care, nothing else.

  • Why do we have to take business CE?

We are competing with very business astute individuals and their companies. If we are to compete at the highest levels, we need to sharpen our business skills. There is simply no way to easily continue doing things the way we have always done them. We know that from materials. Now we have to apply that same kind of thinking to the business decisions we make.

  • Why don’t you just work with the small lab group?

The challenges we are facing today are far broader than lab size. If we are to effectively mount a competitive effort, we need all serious members of the dental laboratory industry involved and supporting private practice. The same is true for practitioners.

  • Will my lab receive dentist referrals?

Every laboratory member of OPT-In Dental Advantage will have their laboratory information and website listed in two websites. It is very possible you will receive inquiries from dentists viewing your information. We also suggest your laboratory take a high profile position in your region as a supporter of private practice, a very strong statement about your conviction to supporting nearby practices.