OPT-In Partners have been selected very specifically. Each shares in our values and concerns for patients, and are known for their excellent products, customer service and dedication to education. Partners are not only are providing OPT-In members with favorable pricing but have also made contributions to our success by contributing to our members’ marketing fund.

OPT-In members thoroughly appreciate our partners, and are happy to show their loyalty in return.

Bego USA


“More than ever before, access to reliable cutting edge technology serves as a cornerstone for a small lab owner’s competitiveness. Bego USA provides every OPT-In dental laboratory member with the technology access they need. We spent several months looking for the right company with the right technology. But it wan’t just that Bego USA’s laser sintered metal technology is considered by many to be the best that attracted our attention. It was also their willingness to work closely in support of our members. Whether it be co development with others, education, or their special members only pricing, Bego USA has made it clear, they support owners of small dental laboratories.” DM

SoundTrack Web-based Lab Software


“My first encounter with SoundTrack, renamed, LabStar was with founder and CEO, Jeff Noles. I began with, “Can you do this?” and then, “What about this?” No matter what I asked or requested, it was always, “Sure, if that’s what you need.” Having been in database development myself, I was immediately impressed by his willingness to accommodate, and that was before I discovered how complete and how easy LabStar is. There is no shortage of good laboratory software available. But LabStar takes easy to another level. It’s not only simple to use, fast and adaptable, but also has a low cost pricing structure that is thoroughly adaptable to lab size. It fits you! And being web-based, it always has the latest updates and backups.” DM

LabStar is considered latest generation of lab management software offering the most advanced technology and features. It is so easy to use—all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

And to keep it easy, we have a full-time graphic designer whose job is to relentlessly focus on usability and design. Doctors can order cases, send/receive messages, track shipments and view invoices/statements online. LabStar connects to everything—CAD/CAM machines, UPS, QuickBooks, etc.; LabStar is the “digital plumbing” for dental labs, and is affordable, with most labs starting at $79.99/mo (less 10% discount for OPT-In), because monthly fees are based on volume.

Zahn Dental


Zahn Dental, the laboratory division of Henry Schein Company, is the leading supplier of dental laboratory products. Offering almost everything a dental technician could need, Zahn is the preeminent resource for the dental laboratory. As the preferred OPT-In partner, our members are able to access exclusive and proprietary product lines that would otherwise not be available. Additionally, because of the great support from Zahn, our members have expanded their marketing while receiving discounts normally reserved for larger labs. We are fortunate to have have the support of quality partners like Zahn Dental, and look forward to a lengthy and prosperous relationship.

Heraeus Kulzer, LLC Scrap Refining


It’s not often that small dental labs are afforded a relationship that can benefit both them and their dentists with special pricing. That’s what makes Heraeus Kulzer a special partner for OPT-In. As the a leading scrap refiner in dentistry, they are the only “end” refiner in the entire industry. That means that after scrap is melted and assayed, others still have to sell it to an actual refiner. As the worlds largest privately owned complete end-to-end refiner, Heraeus Kulzer is able to reimburse dentists and lab technicians the actual and full value of their scrap metal. But that’s just the beginning, because Heraeus Kulzer makes highly acclaimed denture teeth, and a large array of clinical products that have helped patients, worldwide.


sterngold logo hi res

It’s not often we are able to count amongst our resources an originator, such as Sterngold. When it comes to precision and semi precision attachments, Sterngold is one of dentistry’s foremost companies. As the inventors of the infamous, ERA attachment, and a leading supplier of the Hader bar, Sterngold has provided high quality products and services for dentists and their patients for decades. And with their new expanded line of implants, Sterngold has become a very important partner for us all.



OPT-In Management proudly supports NADL and encourages all dental laboratory owners to be involved. In fact, the NADL and OPT-In have joined in offering special cross-benefits when members from each organization join the other. Feel free to contact us or Bennett Napier, executive director for the NADL, to learn more about the advantages of combined membership.

Aon Affinity Commercial Services Insurance

aon resize clear

“It took a long time to find the right insurance connection, one that would provide the kind of service, products, and pricing that would best fit owners of small dental labs. Now our members have a source for just about every kind of insurance need, including both business and healthcare. Aon is the world’s largest broker of business protective and liabilitiy insurance, and has great product variety for healthcare. In fact, they have healthcare coverage that is completely customizable, a feature that OPT-In members will find not just unique, but far easier on their wallets. This is a great company to do business with, and one we are proud to call a Partner.” DM

At Affinity Commercial Services, we specialize in comprehensive business insurance for professional firms in the dental industry. We believe that all businesses, regardless of size, deserve individualized treatment and we know that business owners appreciate quick, hassle-free service delivered at a competitive price.  In fact, providing individualized attention to small and mid-size businesses is our only business. We are designed to do just that with a wide array of options and solutions that include:

➲ Businessowner’s Policy

➲ Commercial Automobile

➲ Workers Compensation

➲ Excess Umbrella Liability

➲ Specialty Products, as needed

As trusted advisors, our trained and licensed business insurance specialists take a  consultative approach to identify potential exposures while counseling on all your business insurance needs. We are readily available and happy to work with customers via phone, fax, or e-mail.


Business Development Associates

Chuck Yenkner

“Chuck Yenkner is one of those rare individuals in dentistry that is both loved and respected and able to deliver tremendous value on many levels. As his own brand, we have worked with Chuck and are thrilled to have his availability for members as a resource in developing their businesses. Chuck will be extremely helpful in merging smaller laboratories to create greater presence and economies of scale that will increase productivity and profits. Great to have such a valuable resource on board!” -DM

The dental lab world is entering into a new environment that requires Dental laboratories to operate in a more businesslike manner. Business Development Associates is a firm dedicated to helping dental labs grow their sales and profits by acquiring the business skills needed to thrive in this new world. We work with labs on anything to do with the “business” side of the dental lab business. Improving profitability, lean manufacturing, calculating ROI on new equipment, acquisitions and selling dental lab businesses are some of the areas we get involved with.


fedex logo

We have special rate reductions from FedEx, providing savings from 8-16% for qualifying shipments.

Tiger Printing Group

TIGER_Logo_Horiz (Small)

“We spoke to several commercial printers prior to deciding upon the best resource for our printed marketing materials. We decided to visit Tiger Printing Group, LLC in Telford, PA, after speaking with Bruce Pedersen, the owner and CEO. He gave us a factory tour that included capabilities beyond our imagination, including fulfillment for some of the largest companies in the pharmaceuticals, software manufacturing, and movie and film studios. With several million dollars in digital and offset printing equipment, it was clear that Tiger Printing Group, LLC had the muscle to do everything we needed at a very high level and at lightning speed. Bruce and his staff have been fantastic to work with. They are always immediately available to answer questions, and coordinated with our marketing designer an online ordering system exclusive for OPT-In members. Tiger Printing Group, LCC has been very price competitive and fantastic to work with in every respect.” DM

Cincinnati Investment Company



We are very fortunate to be working with a lender that is willing to provide specialized equipment financing for the small dental laboratory. Working directly with their Sr. VP, Kevin Guilfoyl, members are able to quickly finance purchases through traditional 5 year loans or leases, have graduated payments that begin low, or arrange interest only payments for the first few months. Your loan will be processed in just a few days and will come with some of the most favorable rates we’ve seen.

With CFC, there is every reason to bring in that much needed technology to help your laboratory keep up with the competition.