Resources & Tech Updates

The success of OPT-In only partly hinges on branding and marketing. In every measure the highest levels of success also rely on resources that properly prepares and arms OPT-In members with the proper skills and tools needed to both capture and manage the opportunities that come their way. OPT-In Resources are numerous and complete, and consider each aspect of customer contact as an opportunity to earn and maintain customer relationships. Our Resources are vital components in helping members develop the skills needed for increasing growth and success. Normally not available to smaller labs, our resources create distinct advantages for members to separate themselves from competitors.


These resources are available to all visitors

  • Sales Skills Assessment, Courtesy of Action Selling:


OPT-In Monthly Technical Updates





These resources are available only to members of OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative

  • Doctor File: This document guides the user through a series of questions in unique ways to determine practice profile, needs, and doctor preferences
  • Preparation Guide: Members will make this guide available to doctors as a way of educating preparation needs, complete with bur suggestions
  • Clinical Guidelines: Augments montly clinical newsletter, this is used to help doctors stay current with existing and new materials and laboratory related knowledge
  • Implant Guidance: This includes three types of documents used to explain every aspect of each type of implant case, from consultation to final delivery
  • The Exceptional Customer Experience: rationale for using various tools to actively create exceptional customer experiences, a staple of the OPT-In promise
  • Artful Dialogue: Provides guidance on dialogue techniques that support a customer centric approach to engagement
  • U-tube: covers sales dialogue and acceptance
  • Behavioral Economics Brief: Exlpains examples of emotional buying habits applicable to services offered and pricing
  • Working with the Gatekeeper: Developing the proper working relationship with all office staff is key
  • Using Open-ended Questions: Explores the best communication methods in learning the needs of dentists

Marketing Materials, Professionally developed for Members

  • Presentation folder
  • Inserts for Restorative, Prosthetics, Implants
  • Services Listings to be customized
  • Laboratory Profile
  • Ancillary Product Offerings, as available
  • Shipping Labels
  • Laboratory Prescription