Sales & Marketing

OPT-In is dedicated to helping our members grow their businesses. We have a complete strategy for laboratory development and growth that is very active in technology, branding, marketing, and sales.

Having a strategy for both development and growth provides a huge competitive advantage. Not having them would be like randomly packing for a vacation without plans of where we are going or how we will get there. Instead, OPT-In offers its members a strategy rooted in a rationale for laboraory development, marketing opportunities with tools for growth, and pathways for both to help assure their successes.

Today, we have to think differently and do things that weren’t needed in the past. Even though new approaches to business are not what we are used to, we need to use them to our advantage. Ultimately, after implimenting a more effective strategy, we will have found the changes to be easier than we expected, and far more productive.



Research has clearly shown that over 90% of buying decisions are based in emotions. To help that process, marketing a business must include standing out in the crowd with a compelling message and friendly familiarity that helps dentists want to work with us. OPT-In members are differentiated by a higher Purpose in their marketing. Through our message, we celebrate the unique needs of each customer as the greatest opportunity to help their patients and grow their practice.

OPT-in members partner in their customers’ growth.


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History has shown that the traditional sales approach is not the best method, and that laboratory owners don’t enjoy that process. Instead, OPT-In members are coached in sharing what they know and talking about what they enjoy. Members are able to share their strengths in customer focused ways that fulfill the OPT-In Promise. This creates a stress-free environment with the doctor at the center of the discussion, and patients, the end beneficiaries.

OPT-In, for a balanced approach.


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