Dennis King, CDT/TE

Owner, King Dental Arts Studio

2/14: Dean, just to let you know, we have received cases from 3 new Drs. from the meeting in TN on the 11th and 2 more Drs. referred from existing accounts. 5 new this month. I’m here tonight trying to pull out a decent month with all the new work.Your council in the phone meeting made me really think about trying to grow and fight attrition. Staying still is going backwards. This has given me much hope.

Thanks so much

Aubrey Williams

Owner, ServDent Ceramics

12/13:I would like to welcome our new members. So far it has been an excellent resource for me and an opportunity to better understand some of the dynamics in our profession. I think Dean is setting a table we will all enjoy sitting down to, both doctors and techs.

A while back we had a webinar featuring Dr. Hornbrook, which was very helpful to me in many ways. In addition to the info on bonding, a doctor who had been following him since his days with PAC Live gave us a call. He somehow was aware of the webinar and was looking for a new lab. He is currently sending his work to Ca. Price is certainly an issue and I think he wanted to work with a lab closer to home. I’ve visited the doctor’s previous lab and I know the quality of their work. Not a problem for us to match or exceed( I thought confidently:) ) so I drove to the new doctor’s office, met with him and we received our first case a few days ago. Thanks Dr. Dean and “don’t call me Dr.”—David Hornbrook.


My best to all. Enjoy the ride.

Mike Dominguez, CDT/TE

Owner, Kymata Dental Studio

9/13: After communicating with fellow Opt-In members via group emails, conference calls, and webinars, it was great to get a chance to meet them in person at the Bego facility for Dental Wings training.  What is important about Opt-In is not just the camaraderie and connectedness, but what that connectedness and unity can accomplish when we are in sync.  Together, small labs have a voice, and with Opt-In we have a big voice.

The training was world-class.  Vince Munoz was able to teach the DWOS system to our group in an effective and entertaining way.  Bego with Lou Azzara and his great team made us feel at home in their top-notch facility, and Steve Touchie from Dental Wings provided red carpet treatment.

This session was important to me because we were independent small-lab owners learning as a group.  We all take what we learned back home with us and use it in our labs.  The important thing for all of us is that we, as part of a co-op, are able to continue to learn as a group through Opt-In.  We all will be using the scanner a little differently from each other, and when we share with each other how we use this technology we all grow together.  Still independent lab owners in every way, we each become resources for the group.

Mark Walther, III, MDT

Owner, Smile Renovation Studio

9/13: “I initially joined opt-in as a way to cut my costs with laser sintering from BEGO, as well as other discounts. it has turned into much more. With the joint cooperation of other members, if there is an issue you are having, we work together to help solve it. And then, there are the webinars and get togethers, like the communication workshop, that help us all grow and is a part membership. Its great being your own entity with the resource backup of the other partners in the group.

Dennis King

Owner, King Dental Arts Studio, Inc.

1/13: “Opt-In is a tool for Small Dental Lab Owners that have a vision to suceed in today’s market. The information that has been given so far is many times the value of the investment. Dean is like a “Personal Trainer” or “Coach” for lab owners. He takes the time to talk you through the process with clarity and purpose. I am very excited to be a part of this group. Synergy is powerful. This is an excellent benefit for the small lab owner. “

Richard G Knecht

Owner, RGK Dental Lab, Inc.

“Over the years, Dr. Dean Mersky has been a true friend and very helpful to my laboratory. Although it was nice getting referrals, what I treasured more was having a knowledgeable dentist who I could turn to and who was more than happy to help. He’s wanted me to succeed. When he called me about being an advisor to OPT-In and what it was going to be about I was honored and felt it was the right time for this for our industry. He wants the small laboratory to succeed.

Knowing Dr. Mersky’s influence on the industry through his years of experience working for Captek nationally, working the various forums, his networking skills, his dealing with countless dentists and labs, it just made sense.

OPT-In will allow the small laboratory flexibility through networking with peers, regional and national marketing to dentists on the members’ behalf, discounts on purchases, shipping and more. How many small labs could afford to have a dentist on staff like Dr. Mersky?

A small laboratory alone has neither the time, money, or resources to accomplish what OPT-In can do for them.”

Rob Teachout, CDT, LVI, BSc

Owner, Patriot Dental Lab

“Dr. Mersky single handedly brought business to my door step. I like having the opportunity of a Dentist representing me to my prospective clients and speaking for me. Dr. Dean Mersky has done that and it’s resulted in long term clientele for my business. It’s a win-win situation for a small lab. Dr. Dean Mersky has given me the validity I needed to other Dentists to get them to at least try us out. Fortunately, that is all we needed and we couldn’t be happier having a Dentist always in our corner fighting for me.

For a small lab, there isn’t a better opportunity for your voice to be heard or known because now you have a world renowned, highly respected Dentist that is representing you. That is what Dr. Dean Mersky has brought to the table for us and we couldn’t be happier. As a small lab, we can’t be everywhere on the internet and might not be comfortable mingling with forums full of Dentists. That’s what Dr. Dean Mersky has been doing for a decade and he wants to do it for you. He’s done it for me on many occasions, for many years, let him do it for you.

Honor, Courage and Commitment were taught to me by the Marine Corps. I had to be taught; Dr. Dean Mersky didn’t and still stands shoulder to shoulder with you bridging that communication gap between Technician and Dentist.”

Adam Ben-Zev

Owner/President, Triple Crown Dental Lab

“The OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative truly understands the needs of today’s dental marketplace. Finally an association has been created that clearly knows and can relate to where the market is for our services. On my first phone call, I was able to achieve a 10% discount on SoundBite Technology lab software that I had been trying to get on my own for two years. This association has so much potential as more and more members join. I can’t wait to get started!”

Rick Knecht


Owner, RGK Dental Lab, Inc

1/13: “I used to think I was pretty good at talking with dentists. After Dean introduced me to his OPT-In Client Interview Process, Consultative Partnering, I realized I needed to change the way I approached potential clients. Still, in the beginning, I was a little hesitant. Well, today I used the OPT-In Interview Process for the first time. All I can say is, it really works! The weird thing is, I always thought it was important for me to ask a lot of questions. Instead, as today’s call proved, it is about using a specific technique in asking a short list of questions followed by a lot of listening. Using OPT-In’s Consultative Partnering technique, my prospective client provided all the information I needed. It was a totally new approach for me. In fact, the doctor told me far more than I had asked, just like Dean said would happen. From just 3 or 4 basic questions, the doctor dedicated 20 minutes to me and told me everything I needed to offer to earn his business. To be perfectly honest, it’s exciting to see this new Process work for me. I am definitely a believer!”