Why OPT-in

Why Join OPT-In:

With OPT-Iin,  you retain all your independence while benefiting from group purchasing discounts, mass marketing, and membership in a nationally recognized brand, the OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative…benefits that would otherwise be impossible for the small laboratory owner to obtain.

Sometimes laboratory owners want to focus on discounts. All OPT-In members receive discounts on equipment, supplies, and other products. But, keep in mind, discounts won’t grow sales. Branding and marketing grow sales and increase profit structures far more than discounts on supplies ever will. This is important because continuing to grow your sales will allow you to replace lost accounts before they leave. Additionally, meaningful growth will increase your laboratory’s  profitability and operating efficiencies to help you become more price competitive.  Plus, because fixed expenses remain the same, sales growth makes all sales more profitable as a percentage of overhead.


“When small labs across the country join together, they can make a difference that remaining separate can never match!”

We are thrilled to provide OPT-In members with discounts and hope you will take the opportunity to participate in them. However, ultimately, OPT-In membership is about helping you market your lab in cost efficient ways that will improve your profitability through growth.  


  • Be differentiated nationally as a laboratory working closely with dentists to benefit patients
  • Be branded and marketed nationally and locally in ways that would otherwise be impossible*
  • Receive group advertising direct to dentists in well-known Clinical Dentistry Journals*
  • Have a continuous presence on clinical internet forums by Dr. Dean Mersky
  • Have available clinical lectures
  • Receive free monthly clinical newsletters emailed directly to dentists
  • Receive free assistance in local article writing
  • Have a free “Dentist on Call” (Dr. Dean Mersky) by phone or email to communicate with doctors
  • Have a protected region based on population density and adjacent laboratory proximity


The Power of Branding 

Branding is about being consistently noticed with a positive message that creates familiarity and comfort.  

Most of our buying decisions are based on what we know, and from whom we like or  trust. That is why a lizard with an Austrailian accent on television is able to sell overpriced auto insurance. In dentistry, we see it all the time. Large labs attract dentists through consistent marketing and brand presence. Despite not being predictably better or less expensive, brand strength helps them draw large numbers of customers. Our goal is to help small dental lab owners create their own beacon of trust and operate in the same way as larger competitors.

The first step is to create a single brand with a unified message. The next step is to deliver the brand experience by relying on the strengths that differentiate small lab owners from their competition, personal service by the owner.

The need to effectively standout and market one’s services is far more important today than in the past. As a small dental laboratory owner, becoming a member of OPT-In Dental Laboratory Cooperative is the launching point to establishing your brand presence that will help dentists in your market better understand your exceptional value. 

Reduce Cost

  • Receive group discounts for equipment, and supplies
  • Receive group discounted website updating or construction and marketing materials
  • Receive special insurance products**
  • Member specific financing partnership**
  • Member specific business brokerage


Member discounts can help greatly in reducing expenses. These discounts range from 8-23% and can amount to thousands of dollars, depending on your laboratory’s size and purchasing methods. For example, we have secured a $35 discount on custom implant abutments, and our laboratory supplies partner is offering discounts of up to 10% beyond their normal discounts. We also have member discounts on equipment, such as scanners. Implant abutment savings alone can be as much as $100 each compared to the competition.



  • Have the ability to conference with your peers across the country at a moment’s notice*
  • Receive free webinars*
  • Attend business building and technical workshops at actual cost of the event (in planning stages)
  • Receive guidance for merging small labs to form larger more efficient operations
  • Receive guidance on digital technology and lean manufacturing: do it like the big labs
  • Collaborate with other small laboratory owners that share your concerns


Members are all connected through an exclusive Google Groups email network. With a single email, a member can connect with every opt-in dental laboratory member to discuss cases, ask questions, compare techniques or simply to stay in touch with members across the nation. In addition to dialogue, connectivity is used to help members identify resources for services and products that other members might be able to provide or give guidance. It’s how the power of one is harnessed as the power of many.



*Subject to sufficient membership enrollment
**Available to qualifying members